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Preparing the FRONT of Your Home for Sale

If you’re looking to sell your home, you’ll want to make the front of your house as welcoming as possible. This means clearing walkways and spending time on the front porch. Replace house numbers, paint the door, and add a welcome mat or outdoor chair. Also, make sure to mow the front yard and trim any shrubbery or bushes. Add decorative fencing and a new welcome mat, if possible.

Preparing your home for sale

When preparing the FRONT of your home for sale, you should do several things to create a welcoming entrance. To achieve the desired curb appeal, clear the walkways of weeds, dead leaves and debris, and paint or replace the front door. Also, make the porch welcoming by adding a welcome mat or a flowerbed. Mow the lawn regularly and make sure there are no overgrown shrubs or trees obstructing the view of your home. If possible, put up decorative fencing around your property.

Make sure the entire house is clean, including the exterior. Remove clutter and unfinished projects. A messy home will give prospective buyers a reason to doubt the integrity of your house. Also, remove clutter to allow the buyer to envision themselves living in your home. Although it may seem time-consuming, removing excess belongings will give buyers a better feel of your space. It may take a yard sale or renting a storage locker, but a clean, uncluttered home will be a more positive first impression.

Decluttering before selling

Many home sellers make the mistake of not decluttering their front home before listing it for sale. While this is not a bad idea in the long run, it can prove stressful. Home buyers are looking for more than just the features of the house. They want to know more about the current owners, the space, and how well the home is maintained. Having a decluttered front home makes it easier for an agent to showcase your house.

First and foremost, decluttering your front home is an important part of marketing your home. The buyer will have a difficult time looking around if it is full of clutter. Make sure that your front home looks its best and shows off its potential. Empty and uncluttered cupboards, drawers, and countertops are a must. Remove anything that won’t be used regularly. Whether it’s a game or a bunch of papers, remove anything that isn’t needed in the home.

Decorating the FRONT of your home for sale

One of the best areas to spend time and money on when staging a home for sale is the front entry. Add some colorful step tiles, stylish outdoor lighting, or a richly stained wooden front door. While it might not seem like a lot of work, these small touches can really impress prospective buyers. Don’t forget to highlight any architectural details, such as columns or decorative brackets, either. Having these elements professionally cleaned and maintained can make all the difference.

Adding curb appeal to your home

Adding curb appeal to your home for sale is a great way to make a great first impression. Consider simple projects such as cleaning windows and replacing an old mailbox. You can also add details to your front yard such as plants or flowers. Curb appeal is important because it is the first thing buyers see when they drive by your property. Luckily, these projects don’t have to break the bank. There are dozens of inexpensive, easy-to-do improvements that you can do to increase your home’s curb appeal.

Putting in a porch swing can boost curb appeal. Most homebuyers don’t consider the backyard as an actual usable space, so staging it is an easy way to add value to the exterior of your home. Adding colorful cushions or a planter to your outdoor spaces will help buyers visualize themselves in your home. If your yard is cluttered, try replacing the home address number with a modern and sleek one.

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