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Staging Your Home to Sell

o make your home more attractive to buyers, stage it before it goes on the market. Staging doesn’t mean sprucing up every room in the house. A house that’s too perfect can turn off potential buyers, since they can’t envision themselves living in it. The most important rooms to stage are the living room and family room. In addition, you should de-clutter your home office and keep it simple and clean to attract potential buyers.


When you’re decluttering your home to sell, you’ll also be removing items that are no longer of use. This will make your home appear smaller to potential buyers and make them think that it’s been lived in. Once you’ve done this, you can start to move on to the next phase of the selling process. This is where the six-month rule comes in. If you haven’t used an item in six months, chances are good that you won’t need it when you’re putting your home on the market.

Getting rid of unused items can increase the value of your home. Keep in mind that buyers are looking for spacious rooms, so remove any personal items that may be distracting to them. Instead of having personal pictures and mementos around, use neutral decorations to create a neutral environment. Also, vacuum packing and using stylish storage baskets can help you keep your home in order. Decluttering your home can increase its value by thousands of dollars. It will also help you make the most of every square foot of space in your home.

Renting furniture

If you’re considering selling your home, staging it is a key step in ensuring that it sells quickly and for the highest possible price. While you could invest in a staging company to provide the furniture, renting can be an affordable alternative. Professional staging companies have access to the latest design trends and will be able to give your home a fresh look, while renting furniture allows you to save money. Renting furniture can also make it easier to arrange the home in the way that buyers will think of it.

Renting furniture for staging can be a great solution if you don’t have enough space to purchase new furniture for every room. Home staging companies will source, transport, assemble, and pick up the furniture, eliminating the hassle of moving it yourself. Renting furniture is an affordable option with no downsides. Just be sure to follow these guidelines when staging your home. The best option is to choose neutral-colored furniture that you can use four to five times per year. Using small pieces of furniture to stage a room will give the buyer an image of living in the space.

Decluttering before listing

One of the most important things you can do before listing your home to sell is decluttering. Potential buyers will make assumptions based on how your home looks. The cleaner it is, the more comfortable they’ll be. A staged home will help you move through the selling process more quickly and receive better offers. The following are some tips to declutter before listing your home to sell. (You might also want to read these tips on how to prepare your home to sell).

First, empty and organize storage spaces. Although photos and other items have sentimental value, potential buyers will not appreciate them. Instead, consider investing in neutral-colored storage containers or vacuum-packing to maintain order. You can also organize the clutter and display structural features in a way that appeals to buyers. Decluttering your home can increase its value by thousands of dollars. You’ll be surprised at how much money it can raise if you follow these tips.

Using neutral decor

While most sellers will opt for colorful accents, you can also use neutral decor when staging your home to sell. Neutral colors will draw potential buyers’ attention to the home’s good features. For example, painting the walls a solid shade of white will make the room feel bigger and brighter. Neutral colors also allow you to incorporate a variety of fun accents. Choose colorful pillows and rugs to enliven the neutral backdrop.

Whether you’re trying to stage your home to sell or re-decorate your current home, neutral colors are the best way to draw buyers’ attention. For example, dark walls and other dark colors tend to make small rooms appear smaller and crowded. On the other hand, light and neutral colors will make any room feel larger and airier. Dark grays are a popular color for this year, but you should avoid them as a general paint color. Instead, use light grays, whites, and beiges. These neutral paint colors reflect light well, so they make rooms appear larger.

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